Kp Golf Tape

*Patent Pending*

The KP Golf Tape is a revolutionary new way to measure a golf ball's proximity to the hole. It can be accomplished by a single person and will not damage the hole. It is a fantastic tool for setting up Putting Drills to improve your golf game. It's a tool that can be used for keeping track of your stats, measuring who's closer on the par 3's, whose turn it is when you are playing match play, and any other reason you might need to measure out from the cup.

The KP Golf Tape is also a great tool for golf courses and country clubs that have Closest to the Pin contest while hosting their golf events. The KP Golf Tape is simple to use and insures that every measurement is accurate.The tapes allow you to keep your proximity signs off the putting surface . All your members will appreciate your club's investment as they will have an easy and accurate way of measuring their Closest to the Pin contests. The Guests that come to your course for golf outings will also appreciate you having them for their tournaments.

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